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SMS / MMS / Voice campaigns

In SMS/MMS/Voice campaigns it is possible to approach directly the user’s mobile phone with the message. Those campaigns may be used for the promotion of products, to inform about a forthcoming event, as a reminder or for communication in loyalty programmes.
All types of SMS campaigns are available:
  • SMS  with a dynamic alpha-numeric content
  • Voice SMS
  • MMS (with slide show, audio, MMS multi-packs)
  • Flash SMS
  • WapPush
The campaign may be performed entirely on the side of Digital Virgo (dispatches handled by our specialist) as well as on the Partner’s side through a dedicated tool provided by WWW (PowerBulkman, JustSend) or via API (integrating the possibilities of sending SMS directly on the Partner’s platform).
Dispatches may be performed in the form of mass campaigns with a volume of several hundreds of thousand daily and in the form of single SMS notifications generated based on the events in the Partner’s systems.
During the dispatches, the Partner can measure the effectiveness of messages delivered to the Users. Every message may request for a delivery report, which results in a report of delivered SMS.
SMS can be sent in many countries worldwide: Poland, Slovakia, France, Czech Republic, Hungary, Russia, Romania, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Ukraine, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Croatia ….


Justsend allows for performing independent mass dispatches of SMS.
To use the panel it is necessary to:
  • register and activate an account on
  • purchase an adequate number of scores required for the dispatch
  • add numbers to which SMS are to be sent, entering them manually or by uploading them from *.txt file and then confirm the dispatch.
Important information about Justsend panel:
  • Registration in the Justsend service is free, no extra charges or fees, payment only for SMS sent,
  • Available 24 hours daily via, with the current price of SMS is available.
  • Dispatches are made immediately upon confirmation by the User (from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm).
  • Possibility of overwriting without the need to register.
  • Access to statistics and reports both quantitative and financial in the account.